About Me


A Shameless Selfie

Who Is Sean Smith?

My name is Sean Smith – I was born and raised in Michigan and that is where I currently call home.  I was born with the disability Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which without going into the science of it, is a brittle bone disorder.  To date I’ve had well over fifty bone fractures, six operations and have spent most of my life in and out hospitals trying to find my voice in a world where being different is considered shameful.  I was the victim of severe bullying in school and well into my adulthood in different professional environments.

Since I was young, I knew one thing made me happy, creating things other people enjoyed. Whether that was acting and directing in my own short films, writing original stories, producing original music or drawing silly little pictures, I loved creating art.  I could never go out as a kid, I was never popular or went to parties and I was never exactly considered an athlete. My mind was my only true companion and I found that with my talents, I could have people look past my disabilities and share with the world all that my mind could produce.

So this, The Mind of Sean, is my new home to show you all what I do and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.  From funny videos, music, blog posts, artwork and more, there is bound to be something here you can enjoy.  So look around and have fun, the best way to know someone is through their passions and I’m thrilled to share mine with you.